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Bracelets & Bangles.

A lovely selection of vintage and modern bracelets.
Agate Button Cabochon Bracelet.
A mixed agate button cabochon bracelet, featuring various agate tumbled stones set on silver tone metal links.
Amazonite Gem Stone Chip Bracelet.
Amazonite gemstone chip stretch bracelet.
Artisan Hand Crafted Citrine Chip Spiral Bangle.
Hand crafted, citrine chip, spiral design adjustable size bangle.
Aventurine And Green Bead Flower Drop Bracelet.
Aventurine chip, bead and silver flower bead adjustable length bracelet.
Blue Howlite Stretch Bead Bracelet.
A turquoise blue howlite gemstone chip multi stranded bracelet.
Blue Lace Agate Gem Stone Chip Bracelet.
Blue lace agate gemstone chip stretch bracelet.
Carnelian Stone Stretch Bracelet.
Carnelian large tumbled stone stretch bracelet.
Celtic Viking Style Ladies Cuff Bangle
Celtic Viking embossed knot work design adjustable cuff bangle.
Chevron Amethyst Gemstone Drop Bracelet
Chevron amethyst crystal gemstone drop bracelet.
Chunky Colour Enhanced Red Shell Bracelet.
A chunky, colour enhanced pinky red coloured shell slice, stretch bracelet.
Chunky Curved Shell Stretch Bracelet.
A chunky curved shell stretch bracelet.
Chunky Dark Naturalistic Shell Stretch Bracelet.
Chunky dark naturalistic coloured shell slice, stretch bracelet.
Chunky Monet Gold Plated Curb Chain Bracelet With Rhinestone Heart Charm.
Chunky Monet rhinestone heart charm and gold plated curb chain bracelet.
Chunky Naturalistic Shell Stretch Bracelet.
A chunky, naturalistic coloured shell slice, stretch bracelet.
Chunky Red And White Skull Bangle.
Chunky, fun, red and white skull print, leatherette bangle.
Chunky Rhinestone Studded Frog Design Statement Bangle.
Rhinestone studded chunky frog design, statement clamper bangle.
Chunky Sterling Silver Gilt Dragon Bracelet.
Unusual, chunky, sterling silver gilt, dragon panel link bracelet.
Chunky Wide Natural Wood Bangle.
A chunky natural hand carved dark wood bangle.
Citrine Gem Stone Chip Bracelet.
Citrine and agate gemstone chip stretch bracelet.
Colour Enhanced Aqua Shades Shell Bracelet.
Colour enhanced aqua shades shell bracelet.
Colour Enhanced Red Spiky Shell Stretch Bracelet
A red, spiky, shell slice, colour enhanced, stretch bracelet.
Copper Heart Panel Bracelet.
Copper heart panel design bracelet with etched flower design.
Dainty White Shell And Shell Slice Bracelet.
A creamy white dainty shell and shell slice chip bracelet.
Double Row Blue And White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet.
A double row freshwater cultured pearl bracelet, set with creamy natural, dyed dark blue and dyed light blue pearls.
Double Row Freshwater Pearl And Garnet Bead Bracelet.
Double row, freshwater pearl and garnet beaded long length bracelet.
Enamel Pebble Pattern Panel Bracelet.
Enamel pebble pattern pastel shades panel bracelet.
Faux Pearl Bracelet With Gold On Sterling Silver Clasp.
Faux white and blue pearl bracelet with ornate gold washed sterling silver clasp and safety chain.
Foiled Glass Spiral Design Bangle
A vibrant foiled glass cabochon design clamper bracelet.
Garnet, Rose Quartz And Clear Quartz Bead Twisted Bracelet.
A chunky mixed gemstone, garnet, rose quartz and clear quartz bracelet.
Golden Honey Naturalistic Shell Stretch Bracelet.
A naturalistic honey coloured, textured shell panel stretch bracelet.
Gothic Style Skull Bead Bracelet.
Gothic style skull beaded bracelet.
Green Striped Dichroic Stretch Bracelet
Chunky green dichroic striped glass bracelet.
Hand Carved Colour Enhanced Chalcedony Bangle.
A hand carved and polished, colour enhanced vibrant orange and green chalcedony stone bangle.
Hand Carved Colour Enhanced Pastel Shades Chalcedony Bangle.
A hand carved and polished, colour enhanced pastel pink and purple shades, chalcedony stone bangle.
Hand Carved Natural Speckled Shell Bangle.
A hand carved natural shell bangle.
Handcrafted Natural Seed Eco Vegan Bracelet.
Hand crafted design, mixed natural seed, eco vegan bracelet.
Heart Panel And Agate Tumbled Stone Bracelet.
Vintage heart and agate tumbled stone bracelet, featuring various agate tumbled stones set on gold tone metal hearts.
Hematite Bead Stretch Bracelet.
Hematite circular bead stretch bracelet.
Hematite Mixed Bead Stetch Bracelet.
Hematite mixed bead stretch bracelet.
Leopard Print Fabric And Gold Oval Link Bow Bangle.
Quirky golden oval and leopard print fabric bow bangle.
Magnetic Hematite And Rhinestone Bracelet.
Magnetic hematite and rhinestone set, stretch bracelet.
Monet Chunky Black And Red Enamel Statement Bangle.
Chunky black and red enamel statement bangle by Monet.
Moss Agate Gemstone Chip Stretch Bracelet.
Moss agate gemstone chip stretch bracelet.
Moss Agate, Amethyst And Freshwater Pearl Bracelet.
Dainty, moss agate, citrine, amethyst and freshwater pearl bracelet.
Mother Of Pearl Rectangles Mounted On Wood Stretch Bracelet.
Natural polished mother of pearl shell, set on wood, panel, stretch bracelet.
Multi Strand Purple Crystal Bead Bracelet By Ted Baker.
Five stranded purple crystal bracelet by designer Ted Baker.
Natural Icy Green Translucent Jade Hand carved Bangle.
A natural icy green jade translucent hand carved and polished bangle.
Natural Tiger Cowrie Shell Slices Set On Wood Stretch Bracelet.
Natural polished rectangular cowrie shell slices set on wood panels stretch bracelet.
Natural Translucent And Mottled Green Jade Hand Carved Bangle.
A natural icy green and mottled jade translucent hand carved and polished bangle.
Pink Rhinestone Double Row Bracelet.
Pretty pink, double row, rhinestone studded bracelet.
Quirky Tennis Sporting Charm Bracelet
A quirky, sporting interest, tennis sport themed charm bracelet
Quirky Vibrant Skull Bead Stretch Bracelet.
Quirky vibrant skull bead stretch bracelet.
Raspberry Quartz Gemstone Stretch Bracelet.
Raspberry quartz gemstone bracelet.
Red Jasper Gem Stone Chip Bracelet.
Red jasper mineral chip stone stretch bracelet.
Retro style chunky Vibrant Disc Bead Bracelet.
Vibrant, retro style disc bead, stretch bracelet.
Retro Style Quirky Zip Bracelet.
Fun retro style zip multi zip bracelet.
Retro Vibrant Triple Zip Punk Pop Style Bracelet.
Retro black and vibrant triple zip punk pop style bracelet.
Rhinestone Studded Triple Circle Bracelet.
A rhinestone studded silver tone, triple linked circle bracelet.
Set Of Four Green Pearslised Lucite Square And Reuleaux Triangle Bangles.
Four vintage green pearlised lucite geometric stacking bangles.
Set of Seven Linked Vibrant Retro MOD Style Bangles.
Retro set of seven linked Mod style bangles
Set Of Three Shambala Crystal Bead And Hematite Bracelets.
Set of three mixed crystal and hematite bead, adjustable size shambala bracelets.
Set Of Two Abalone Shell Inlaid Bangles.
Set of two abalone and pink tinged shell bangles.
Silver Plated June Birthstone Bracelet By Pilgrim
Silver plated June birthstone bracelet with removable charm by Danish designer Pilgrim.
Smoky Quartz Gem Stone Chip Bracelet.
Smokey quartz gemstone chip, stretch bracelet.
Sodalite And Blue Crystal Bead Gemstone Bracelet.
Sodalite gemstone and blue crystal bead bracelet.
Sterling Silver And Agatized Coral Gemstone Bangle.
Sterling silver and agatized coral gemstone bangle.
Sterling Silver And Amethyst Glass Bead Bracelet.
Dark and light amethyst coloured, faceted bead bracelet with sterling silver clasp.
Sterling Silver And Mother Of Pearl Inlay Bangle.
Sterling silver and colour enhanced mother of pearl inlay bangle.
Sterling Silver And Turquoise Stone Chip Bracelet.
A sterling silver and polished turquoise gem stone chip, modern bracelet.
Sterling Silver Flower Bead Necklace And Bracelet Set.
Hand crafted flower bead bracelet and necklace set. Set onto silver wires with sterling silver clasps.
Sterling Silver Freshwater Peacock Pearl, Amethyst And Garnet Bead Five Strand Bracelet.
Black Peacock Pearl, garnet and amethyst multi stranded, sterling silver bracelet.
Sterling Silver Heart And Chunky French Jet Bracelet.
Chunky black French jet bead and sterling silver heart bracelet.
Sterling Silver Heart And Freshwater Pearl Bracelet.
A freshwater pearl and sterling silver heart toggle fastened bracelet.
Sterling Silver Heart Bangle
Sterling Silver, heart panel, hammered design bangle.
Sterling Silver Modernist Style Bangle By M&S
Sterling silver modernist style bracelet by British designer M&S.
Stunning Vintage Style Rhinestone Studded Cuff Bangle Bracelet.
Vintage style rhinestone studded cuff bangle bracelet.
Tigers Eye And Silver Bead Stretch Bracelet.
Tigers eye gemstone chip and silver bead stretch bracelet.
Tigers Eye Gemstone Chip Bracelet.
Tigers eye gemstone chip bracelet.
Tigers Eye Gemstone Chip Scroll Chain Bracelet.
Tigers eye gemstone chip scroll chain link bracelet.
Triple Row Rhinstone Set Hinged Bangle
Triple row rhinestone set hinged bangle.
Turquoise Gem Stone Chip Bracelet
Turquoise gemstone chip, stretch bracelet.
Two Foiled Glass Bead Bracelets.
Two complimentary foiled glass bead stretch bracelets.
Two Pearl And Clear Quartz Stretch Bracelets.
Two creamy freshwater pearl and clear quartz chip stretch bracelets.
Two Vibrant Seed Bead Wrapped Bangles.
Two vibrant seed bead wrapped bangles, one orange, one blue.
Two Vintage Chunky Clear Lucite Bangles.
Two vintage chunky clear lucite bangles, one transparent the other with an amber tint.
Two Vintage Style Large Fit Vibrant Lucite Bangles
Vintage style , pair of vibrant, large fit, chunky lucite bangles.
Unusual Vintage Britsh Isle Bracelet
Vintage unusual British Isle themed panel bracelet.
Vibrant Retro Style Striped Bead Adjustable Bracelet.
Retro style, vibrant striped beaded, adjustable length bracelet.
Vintage ' French Flower ' Floral Bangle By Avon.
Vintage ' French Flower ' floral design bangle by avon, circa 1975.
Vintage Amber Rhinestone And Filigree Style Panel Bracelet.
Vintage raised amber rhinestone filigree style panel bracelet.
Vintage Blue Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Empire Bracelet.
Vintage blue aurora borealis rhinestone empire stretch 50s bracelet.
Vintage Bohemian Art Glass Cabochon Panel Bracelet
Vintage green art glass, faux agate cabochon panel bracelet.
Vintage Brass Bangle Black And Gold Tones.
Vintage enamel and gold tone circle bangle.
Vintage Brown Enamel Nautical Button Design Bangle.
Vintage brown enamel, nautical design bangle.
Vintage Celtic Style Faux Agate Panel Link Bracelet.
Vintage Celtic style, knot work and faux agate stone bracelet, with drop toggle detail.
Vintage Celtic Style Faux Gemstone Brooch By Miracle.
Vintage Celtic style faux gemstone cabochon adjustable length bracelet.
Vintage Celtic Style Faux Gemstone Panel Bracelet.
Vintage Celtic style, silver tone bracelet with faux agate cabochon stones set to each panel.
Vintage Chunky Chinese Letter Symbol Bracelet.
Vintage chunky Chinese symbol panel 70's panel bracelet.
Vintage Chunky Faux Marcasite Floral Design Eloxal Metal Bangle.
Vintage faux marcasite floral and geometric design lightweight eloxal metal bangle.

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