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Browse through our collections of hundreds of brooches, including antique, vintage and modern desirable pieces.  Gold, silver, Victorian, Edwardian, gemstone and designer brooches including  Trifari, Miracle, Sphinx, Coro, Jewelcraft, Monet, Napier, Sarah Coventry, Exquisite, Fine enamels and many more. In a variety of styles including Celtic, Scottish, modernist, brutalist, animal, enamel, floral, space age and  rhinestone, there truly is something here for everyone.
Cloisonne Enamel, Floral Design BroochBy Fish And Crown
Vintage floral design, cloisonne enamel design brooch by Fine Enamels Fish and Crown.
Collection Of Five Mixed Bow Design Brooches
Collection of five vintage mixed bow design brooches
Contemporary Pewter Drum Kit Brooch By Pageant.
Contemporary pewter drum kit brooch by British designer Paegent.
Enamel And Rhinestone Rose Flower Design Brooch
Enamel and rhinestone set rose flower design brooch.
Fish And Crown Blue Flower Cloisonne Enamel Brooch
Cloisonne enamel, large, blue flower brooch by designer Fine Enamels, Fish and Crown.
Fish And Crown Large Lilac And Blue Cloisonne Enamel Flower Brooch,
Fish and Crown large cloisonne enamel floral design brooch
Fish And Crown Large Pink Cloisonne Enamel Flower Brooch,
Cloisonne enamel, large, pink flower brooch by designer Fine Enamels, Fish and Crown.
Four Vintage Marbled Design Scarf Clips
Four vintage marbled design scarf clips including lucite, porphyry glass and plastic centers.
Four Vintage Modernist Brutalist Style Mixed Scarf Clips
Collection of four mixed modernist brutalist style scarf clips.
Four Vintage Modernist Style Mixed Geometric Design Scarf Clips
Collection of four mixed modernist geometric design scarf clips.
Four Vintage Ornate Black Centered Retro Brooches.
Set four vintage ornate design black centered retro brooches
Four Vintage Silver Tone Eloxal Metal Geometric Scarf Clips Including Western Germany Designs
Collection of four eloxal metal mixed geometric design scarf clips including Western Germany designs.
Green Enamel Spiral Design Adjustable Length Bracelet
Green enamel spiral design adjustable length boho bracelet
Hand Crafted Delicate Wooden Veneer And rhinestone Flower Design Brooch.
Hand crafted, delicate wood veneer and rhinestone floral design brooch.
Hand Crafted Layered Butterfly Brooch By Artist Melanie  Tomlinson.
A modern artisan crafted, vibrant layered butterfly brooch. by artist Melanie Tomlinson.
Huge Rhinestone Set Star Burst Design Brooch.
Vintage style, huge rhinestone set star burst design brooch.
Huge Vintage Style Pink Rhinestone Flower Burst Brooch.
Vintage style large pink flower burst design brooch.
Large Abstract Design Lilac And Pink Rhinestone Brooch.
Large abstract design pink and lilac acrylic rhinestone brooch.
Large Circular Cloisonne Enamel Flower Brooch.
Large Circular, cloisonne enamel floral design brooch.
Large Enamel And Glitter Detailed Tree Brooch.
Large, unusual, cold painted enamel tree brooch, with bale so can also be worn as a pendant.
Large Faux Turquoise And Amethyst Rhinestone Set Medeival Design Pin By Miracle
Vintage large faux turquoise and amethyst rhinestone set medieval style brooch by Miracle.
Large Hand Painted Mountain Design Statement Brooch
Large hand painted scenic mountain design statement brooch.
Large Ladette Style Lips And Cigarette Quirky Fun Key Ring.
Quirky fun mixed rhinestone set large ladette style lips and cigarette key ring.
Large Lady Design Cameo With Ornate Floral Border Brooch.
Large cameo lady brooch with ornate floral border.
Large Lia Sophia Key To My Heart Design Brooch.
Key to my heart style brooch by designer Lia Sophia.
Large Red Flower Cloisonne Enamel Brooch.
Large, cloisonne enamel, red flower brooch.
Large Vintage Style Champagne Rhinestone Floral Design Brooch.
Large champagne coloured rhinestone floral design brooch.
Pave Rhinestone Set Fish Brooch.
Vintage quirky kitsch pave rhinestone set fish brooch.
Rhinestone Set Rose Design Brooch
Rhinestone set rose flower design brooch
Rhinestone Set Teardrop Drop Design Earrings
Rhinestone Teardrop drop design earrings.
Set of Two Rhinetsone Bow Design Brooches With Amber And Pink Rhinestones
Vintage set of two pink and amber coloured rhinestone set bow design brooches.
Three Vintage Abstract Modernist Style Retro Design Brooches
Three vintage pearl and rhinestone set abstract modernist style 80's brooches.
Two Enamel And Rhinestone Set Bee Brooches.
Two vintage style enamel and rhinestone set bee brooches.
Two Large Retro Vintage Brooches.
Two large retro vintage dark metal 70s brooches.
Two Large Rhinestone And Bead Set Heart Brooches.
Two vintage style large heart design brooches set with rhinestones and beads.
Two Large Vintage Modernist Style Faux Pearl Set Broooches.
Two large vintage modernist style faux pearl set brooches.
Two Mid Century Rhinestone And Marcasite Set Brooches Complete With Safety Chains
Two vintage and rhinestone and marcasite set mid century brooches complete with safety chains.
Two Mid Century Rhinestone Set Statement Brooches.
Set of two mid century rhinestone set statement brooches, blue and green centers, 50s Jewellery
Two Vintage Dainty Rhinestone Set Art Deco Brooches.
Two vintage art deco era rhinestone set brooches.
Two Vintage Floral Cascade Dropper Design Rhinestone Set Brooches
Two vintage floral cascade design black and clear rhinestone set dropper brooches
Two Vintage Floral Design Gem Set Brooches.
Two vintage gem set floral design brooches.
Two Vintage Marcasite Set Abstract Modernist Design Brooches
Pair of two vintage marcasite set abstract modernist design brooches
Two Vintage Marcasite Set Floral Design Brooches
Two vintage marcasite set floral design brooches.
Two Vintage Pink Aurora Borealis And Clear Rhinestone Set Abstract Modernist Floral Design Brooches
Pair of two pink aurora borealis and clear rhinestone abstract modernist floral design brooches.
Two Vintage Rennie Mackintosh Style Enamel Detailed Brooches
Two vintage Rennie Mackintosh style brooches, one by Fish and Crown.
Two Vintage Rhinestone Set Abstract Floral Design Brooches
Two vintage modernist floral design rhinestone set mid century brooches.
Two Vintage Rhinestone Set Art Deco Brooches.
Two vintage rhinestone set art deco era brooches.
Two Vintage Rhinestone Set Leaf Brooches.
A set of two vintage rhinestone set leaf brooches.
Two Vintage Rhinestone Set Monochrome Brooches.
Two vintage retro black and clear rhinestone monochrome brooches.
Two Vintage Swan Bird Abalone Shell And Faux Marcasite Design Brooches.
Two vintage swan bird abalone shell and faux marcasite brooches.
Vinatge Large Rhinestone Set Absract Design Raised 3D Brooch.
Vintage large rhinestone set abstract design raised 3D effect brooch.
Vinatge Ornate Victorian Revival Style Faux Marcasite Brooch By Rida,
Vintage ornate faux marcasite set Victorian revival style brooch by Rida
Vintage  Alpaca Silver And Abalone Shell Butterfly Design Brooch
Vintage Alpaca silver and abalone shell butterfly design brooch.
Vintage  Art Deco Era Rhinestone Set Geometric Design Brooch
Vintage art deco rhinestone set geometric design brooch.
Vintage  Blue And Clear Rhinestone Abstract Layered Design Brooch.
Vintage blue and clear rhinestone abstract floral layered design brooch.
Vintage  Large Ornate Victorian Revival Style Brooch
Vintage large Victorian revival style brooch with basket weave style center.
Vintage  Old Fashioned Car Retro Design Brooch
Vintage old fashioned retro car design eloxal metal brooch.
Vintage ' Antique Rose ' Brooch By Sarah Coventry.
Vintage early 1970's ' Antique Rose ' design brooch by Sarah Coventry.
Vintage ' Staybright ' Lady In Crinoline Brooch.
Vintage ' Stay Bright ' faux marcasite lady in crinoline brooch, circa 1950's.
Vintage 9ct Gold Hallmarked Bar Brooch With Ruby Red Paste Stone
Vintage 9ct gold fully hallmarked ruby red coloured paste stone set classic design car brooch
Vintage 9ct Gold Ruby And Diamond Circlet Brooch.
Vintage 9ct yellow and white gold, fully hallmarked, ruby and diamond dainty circlet brooch.
Vintage 9ct Gold Sapphire And Pearl Fully Hallmarked Small And Dainty Bar Brooch
Vintage 9ct gold sapphire and pearl 80's bar design brooch.
Vintage Abalone Shell And Ornately Bordered Brooch.
Vintage abalone shell inlaid ornate design brooch.
Vintage Abalone Shell Dolphin Brooch
Vintage abalone shell dolphin design brooch.
Vintage Abalone Shell Marquise Shaped Alpaca Silver Brooch
Vintage marquise shaped abalone shell and alpaca silver Mexican design brooch
Vintage Abalone Shell Set Abstract Modernist Style Draped Leaf Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage abalone shell set modernist style draped leaf design brooch.
Vintage Abalone Shell Set Ostrich Bird Design Brooch
Vintage abalone shell set ostrich bird design brooch.
Vintage Abstract Cloud Design Enamel Brooch.
Vintage, large, abstractly patterned, vibrant enamel brooch.
Vintage Abstract Floral Design Rhinestone Set Brooch And Clip On Earrings Set.
Vintage Abstract Floral Design Rhinestone Set Brooch And Clip On Earrings Set Complete With Original Box
Vintage Abstract Floral Design Rhinestone Set Brooch By Hollywood.
Vintage rhinestone set abstract floral design brooch by Hollywood.
Vintage Abstract Floral Layered Rhinestone Statement Design Posy Brooch
Vintage large layered rhinestone set abstract floral posy design brooch.
Vintage Abstract Leaf Corsage Spray Design Brooch By Gerrys
Vintage abstract leaf corsage design brooch by Gerrys
Vintage Abstract Modernist Design Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Set Statement Brooch.
Vintage large abstract modernist design aurora borealis rhinestone set statement brooch.
Vintage Abstract Modernist Design Quartz And Amethyst Gemstone Set Brooch
Vintage modernist style abstractly shaped amethyst and quartz gemstone set brooch.
Vintage Abstract Modernist Style Curving Design Brooch By Napier
Vintage abstract modernist curves style brooch by Napier
Vintage Abstract Retro Curves Floral Design Brooch By Napier
Vintage abstract retro curves design brooch by Napier
Vintage Alpaca Silver Mexican Aztec Style Brooch
Vintage Alpaca silver Mexican style brooch.
Vintage Amber And Amethyst Rhinestone Set Celtic Cross Design Brooch.
Vintage amber and amethyst rhinestone set Celtic cross design brooch attributed to Miracle.
Vintage Amber Rhinestone Floral Bow Brooch.
Vintage amber and clear rhinestone set flower and ribbon design brooch.
Vintage Amethsyt Rhinestone And Silver Leaf Brooch.
Vintage silver tone metal, foliate leaf design brooch set with amethyst coloured rhinestones.
Vintage Amethyst Rhinestone Set Raised And Layered Atomic Floral Design Brooch
Vintage amethyst coloured rhinestone set layered and raised mid century floral style brooch.
Vintage Art Deco Design Black Enamel Bar Brooch
Vintage black enamel art deco era bar design brooch
Vintage Art Deco Era Carved Celluloid Trip Of Elephants On Parade Brooch
Vintage art deco era carved celluloid trio of elephants design brooch.
Vintage Art Deco Era Red Bakelite Bar Design Brooch
Vintage art deco era red bakelite bar design brooch
Vintage Art Deco Era Red Bakelite Small Curved Bar Brooch
Vintage art deco era small ridged curved ridged red bakelite bar brooch.
Vintage Art Deco French Jet Dress Clip.
Vintage French jet glass, Art Deco dress clip, formed in a shield like shape. Circa 1930's - 40's.
Vintage Art Deco Revival Style Rhinestone Set Buckle Style Brooch By Sphinx
Vintage art deco revival style rhinestone set buckle style brooch by British designer Sphinx.
Vintage Art Deco Revival Style Rhinestone Set Scottie Dog Brooch
Vintage rhinestone set art deco revival style Scottie dog brooch.
Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone Detailed Filigree Bow Design Statement Brooch
Vintage art deco era rhinestone set filigree design bow brooch.
Vintage Art Nouveau Revival Style Foliate Design Brooch By Catherine Popesco
Vintage Art Nouveau revival style enamel and rhinestone foliate design brooch by designer Catherine Popesco
Vintage Atomic Flower Rhinestone Set Brooch.
Vintage amber and aurora borealis rhinestone set floral atomic design brooch complete with safety chain, circa 1950's.
Vintage Attwood And Sawyer Rhinestone Set Infinity Knot Style Brooch.
Vintage rhinestone set infinity knot style brooch by designer Attwood and Sawyer
Vintage Aurora Borealis And Purple Rhinestone  Floral Design Brooch.
Vintage aurora borealis and purple rhinestone floral design statement brooch.
Vintage Aurora Borealis Crystal Bead Cluster Design Brooch
Vintage aurora borealis crystal bead cluster design brooch
Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone And Enamel Raised Wreath Design Brooch.
Vintage aurora borealis rhinestone and enamel raised wreath design brooch.
Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone And Enamel Wreath Design Brooch.
Vintage aurora borealis rhinestone and enamel leafy wreath design brooch
Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone And Faux Pearl Long Bar Brooch.
Vintage long aurora borealis and faux pearl statement 50s bar brooch.
Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone And Green Pressed Glass Leaf Floral Design Brooch
Vintage Brooch Aurora Borealis Rhinestone And Green Pressed Glass Leaf Modernist Design Floral Pin
Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Detailed Flower Basket Brooch
Vintage aurora borealis rhinestone detailed flower basket design brooch.

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