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Browse through our collections of hundreds of brooches, including antique, vintage and modern desirable pieces.  Gold, silver, Victorian, Edwardian, gemstone and designer brooches including  Trifari, Miracle, Sphinx, Coro, Jewelcraft, Monet, Napier, Sarah Coventry, Exquisite, Fine enamels and many more. In a variety of styles including Celtic, Scottish, modernist, brutalist, animal, enamel, floral, space age and  rhinestone, there truly is something here for everyone.
Contemporary Pheasant Brooch In Pewter By Designer A R Brown
Contemporary pheasant brooch in pewter by designer A R Brown.
Fish And Crown Cloisonne Enamel Red Floral Brooch
Cloisonne enamel red flower brooch by designer fish and crown.
Vintage Green Art Glass Circular Brooch By Sphinx
Vintage large art glass cabochon brooch by vintage designer Sphinx.
Vintage Pink And Clear Rhinestone 1940's Brooch.
Vintage clear and pink rhinestone layered floral 1940's brooch.
Vintage Sarah Coventry Open Work Rose Brooch.
Vintage open metal work rose brooch by vintage designer Sarah Coventry.
Vintage Blue Rhinestone Bow Brooch
Vintage stunning bow brooch. With blue and clear paste stones, Circa 1940's - 50's.
Vintage Textured Gold Tone Leaf Brooch By Jewelcraft
A vintage gold tone, brushed and polished large leaf brooch by vintage designer Jewelcraft.
Vintage Art Deco Style Brooch And Necklace Set By Avon
' Vintage ' Art Deco Style, Cream And Black Enamel Brooch And Necklace By Avon.
Vintage Ceramic Floral Spray Brooch
Vintage flower, floral spray ceramic brooch with honeysuckle and blue flowers.
Vintage Cherry Berry And Leaf Rhinestone Brooch
A vintage cherry berries design brooch featuring three cherry fruits.
Vintage Classical Design Cherub And Byzantine Emperor Brooch By Miracle
Collectable early 1950's vintage, Classical style cherub and Byzantine emperor brooch manufactured by Miracle.
Vintage Coraline Brooch By Sarah Coventry
Vintage brooch from the Coraline collection by vintage designer Sarah Coventry
Vintage ' Fashion Rite ' Brooch By Sarah Coventry
Vintage brooch from the ' Fashion-Rite ' 1960's collection by vintage designer Sarah Coventry
Vintage Large Bow And  Wreath Brooch
Vintage large dark bow and wreath brooch with elegant floral scroll work and large black faux onyx gems.
Vintage Marcasite Detailed Twisted Wreath Brooch
Vintage marcasite studded, twisted three strand wreath design brooch.
Vintage Star Burst Atomic Style Brooch With Rhinestones And Pearls
Vintage atomic star burst brooch , with blue and white rhinestones and faux pearl detailing.
Fish And Crown Red Flower Cloisonne Enamel Brooch
Cloisonne enamel, large, red flower brooch by designer Fine Enamels, Fish and Crown.
Vintage Miracle Celtic Style Turquoise Stone Brooch
Vintage Large Celtic style faux blue turquoise brooch by vintage British designer Miracle.
Vintage Art Deco Revival Fan Brooch
Vintage art deco style brooch with faux pearl and clear rhinestones.
Vintage Faux Agate Art Glass Brooch By Miracle.
Vintage faux agate art glass brooch by British Designer Miracle.
Vintage Large Raised Smoky Quartz Rhinestone Brooch
Vintage huge raised smoky quartz coloured rhinestone brooch.
Vintage Miracle Shield Brooch With Mock Gemstones.
Vintage Celtic style shield brooch with faux bohemian glass gemstones by British designer Miracle.
Vintage Open Work Bow Brooch
Lovely, vintage, open work gold tone bow brooch.
Vintage Rhinestone Flower Posy Brooch.
A vintage style sparkling flower posy, wrapped with ribbon brooch, with clear and aurora borealis rhinestones.
Vintage Trio of  Elephants Brooch
Vintage trio of traveling elephants, etched, silver tone brooch.
Antique Edwardian Ornate Pink Paste Stone Brooch
Antique Edwardian ornate pink paste rhinestone, bar brooch.
Enamel And Rhinestone Butterfly Brooch
Enamel and amber coloured rhinestone butterfly brooch.
Large Black Floral Garland Wreath Style Brooch
Large, black rhinestone detailed, floral garland, wreath brooch.
Large Polychrome Cabochon Stone Brooch
Vintage large raised polychrome cabochon brooch in textured gold tone setting.
Sterling Silver Ancient Celtic Style Fibula Brooch.
Sterling silver, ancient Celtic, Roman, Pagan Style, Fibula brooch.
Stunning Black Opal Look Butterfly Brooch
Black opal look and rhinestone detailed butterfly brooch.
Vintage Shell And Faux Turquoise Flower Brooch.
Vintage shell flower brooch, a double posy floral spray with mock turquoise stone centers.
Vintage Art Deco Marcasite Studded Starburst Brooch
Stunning vintage art deco, marcasite studded, Starburst design brooch signed JOB, MD.
Vintage Big Cat Sterling Silver Lounging  Panther Brooch.
Vintage sterling silver, lounging panther, big cat brooch, with sapphire gemstone eyes.
Vintage Celtic Style Dirk and Sash Brooch By Miracle.
Vintage Scottish Celtic style Dirk and sash brooch by British designer Miracle.
Vintage Clear Rhinestone Flower Posy Brooch.
Vintage clear rhinestone triple flower posy brooch.
Vintage Clear Rhinestone Studded Butterfly 50's Brooch
Vintage clear rhinestone 50's butterfly insect brooch.
Vintage Curled ' Graceful Leaf ' Brooch By Avon.
Vintage curled, textured gold tone ' Graceful Leaf ' brooch by Avon.
Vintage Dainty Sterling Silver And Marcasite Scottie Dog Brooch.
Vintage sterling silver, marcasite studded, cute Scottie dog brooch.
Vintage D'Orlan Maple Leaf Brooch.
Vintage textured silver tone maple leaf by designer D'Orlan.
Vintage Dotty Smith Enamel Bar Brooch.
Vintage enamel detailed bar brooch by designer Dotty Smith.
Vintage Enamel And Rhinestone Flower Brooch.
Vintage 1940's, decorative enamel, blue and clear rhinestone flower brooch.
Vintage Exquisite Courting Couple Enamel Brooch.
Vintage enamel detailed and lithographic print to resin of a courtly love scene by French Artist Fragonard by vintage designer Exquisite.
Vintage Faux Pearl Brooch With Rhinestones By Sphinx
Vintage large raised faux pearl and rhinestone brooch by vintage designer Sphinx.
Vintage Gold And Rhinestone Flower Brooch.
Vintage sparkling rhinestone and gold tone metal 50's flower brooch.
Vintage Guilloche Enamel Abstract Rose Brooch
Vintage Guilloche creamy white enamel and hand painted rose brooch.
Vintage Large French Jet Cascade Waterfall Dropper Brooch
Vintage french jet, cascade waterfall dropper, dangle brooch.
Vintage Large Unakite Gemstone Stone Brooch.
Vintage, huge, unakite cabochon brooch in an ornate frame, Circa 1970s - 80's
Vintage Large Rhinestone Seahorse Brooch.
A vintage, sea horse brooch with large clear rhinestones and textured gold tone metal.
Vintage Large Sphinx Flower Brooch
Vintage large flower brooch with smoky red/orangey petals by vintage designer Sphinx.
Vintage Layered Floral Brooch With Citrine Rhinestones.
Vintage 1950's stunning, large bunched, raised 3D, citrine and aurora borealis rhinestone, flower brooch set in gold tone metal.
Vintage Miracle Faux Agate Celtic Bar Brooch
Vintage Celtic style faux agate bar brooch by British designer Miracle.
Vintage Modernist Stainless Steel And Abalone Brooch By Peak.
Modernist style vintage large stainless steel brooch with abalone shell by British designer Peak. Circa 1960's - 70's.
Vintage Monet Abstract Curled Frond Brooch.
Vintage Monet textured gold tone metal, curved abstract leaf brooch.
Vintage Monet Rhinestone Floral Brooch
Vintage rhinestone flower brooch by designer Monet.
Vintage Ornate Pearl And Red Stone Flower Brooch By Miracle
Vintage faux pearl and red stone cabochon flower brooch by British Designer Miracle.
Vintage Pearlised Enamel Flower Brooch
Vintage dainty, pearlised enamel flower brooch, depicting a single flower.
Vintage Dainty Rhinestone And Opal Glass Floral Brooch.
Vintage, purple rhinestone and faux opal glass cabochon raised floral brooch.
Vintage Raised Faux Pearl And Rhinestone Floral  brooch.
Vintage raised faux pearl and blue rhinestone brooch, in darkened Japanned metal.
Vintage Sarah Coventry Floral Spiral Brooch.
Vintage rose wreath brooch by vintage designer Sarah Coventry
Vintage Sarah Coventry Triple Leaf Brooch.
Vintage triple leaf brooch by vintage designer Sarah Coventry.
Vintage Scottish Cairngorm Style Shield Brooch By Miracle.
Vintage Scottish cairngorm brooch, with mock gemstones by miracle.
Vintage Seaside Memories, Abalone, Rhinestone And Gold Shell Brooch.
Vintage abalone, mother of pearl, clear rhinestone and gold tone metal shell brooch, invoking ' seaside memories '.
Vintage Silver Filigree Flower Brooch
Vintage silver plate, filigree wire work 50's flower brooch
Antique Sterling Silver Buckle Brooch By AJS 1917
Vintage sterling silver, art deco, buckle brooch, by vintage silver smith Arthur Johnson Smith.
Vintage Sterling Silver Niello Mekkala Dancer Figure Brooch.
Vintage flower shaped Sterling Silver Niello ware brooch, featuring Mekkala goddess of lightening.
Vintage Sterling Silver Teddy Bear Brooch.
Vintage sterling silver, faux marcasite studded, cute teddy bear brooch.
Vintage Style Antiqued Metal Rhinestone Studded Brooch.
Vintage style, darkened metal and amber coloured rhinestone studded brooch.
Vintage Style Butterfly and Flower Brooch
Vintage style, butterfly visiting a flower, shades of pink rhinestone brooch.
Vintage Cameo Style Scarf Clip.
Vintage style, cameo of a right facing, long haired lady, scarf clip.
Vintage Faux Pearl And Rhinestone Brooch.
Vintage abstract shaped, faux pearl and rhinestone brooch.
Vintage Gold And Rhinestone Teddy Bear Brooch
Adorable vintage style, brushed gold tone metal and rhinestone detailed teddy bear brooch.
Vintage Style Large Blue And Clear Rhinestone Snowflake Brooch.
Vintage style, huge blue and clear acrylic rhinestone snowflake/star burst brooch.
Vintage Style Rhinestone Starfish Brooch.
A vintage style, curling starfish brooch with green rhinestones and faux pearl stones.
Vintage Style Scottish Stag And Crown Brooch
Vintage style Scottish stag and crown brooch with mock tigers eye cabochon.
Vintage Style Wishbone And Scottish Thistle Brooch.
Vintage style wishbone and Scottish thistle brooch with purple rhinestone.
Vintage Style,  Huge Aqua Marine Rhinestone, Mock Dress Clip Brooch.
A vintage style, huge, aqua marine rhinestone studded, mock dress clip brooch.
Vintage ' Golden Tulip '  Garland Brooch By Sarah Coventry.
Vintage brooch from the ' Golden Tulip ' collection by vintage designer Sarah Coventry. Circa mid 1970's
Vintage Blue Flower Cloisonne Enamel Brooch By Fish And Crown.
Vintage cloisonne enamel blue floral design brooch by Fish and Crown ' Fine Enamels' .
Vintage Bond Boyd Sterling Silver And Enamel Maple Leaf Brooch.
Vintage sterling silver and enamel maple leaf brooch by Canadian designer Bond Boyd.
Vintage Ceramic Pink Flower Brooch.
Vintage hand painted ceramic pink flower design, hand painted brooch.
Vintage Cloisonne Enamel Red Flower Brooch By Fish And Crown.
Vintage cloisonne enamel red floral design brooch by Fish and Crown ' Fine Enamels' .
Vintage Irish Design,  Giants Causeway Brooch By Miracle.
Vintage Giants Causeway brooch, Tigers eye gemstone set, Irish Inspired Brooch By British Designer Miracle.
Vintage Jewelcraft Rhinestone Scalloped Garland Brooch
Vintage blue tone, aurora borealis rhinestone studded, scalloped garland/wreath brooch by vintage designer Jewelcraft.
Vintage Miracle Celtic Style Shield Brooch.
Vintage Celtic style shield brooch with faux agate center by British designer Miracle.
Vintage Miracle Shield Brooch With Varying Mock Gemstones.
Vintage Celtic style shield brooch with faux bohemian glass gemstones by British designer Miracle.
Vintage Pink Lucite And Rhinestone Brooch.
Vintage pink lucite and rhinestone studded circular brooch, with gold tone rope sides.
Vintage Rare French Parisian' The Proposal ' Brevette Dress Clip.
Vintage rare and unusual French ' The proposal ' dress clip, circa 1930's - 40's.
Vintage Red Iris Cloisonne Enamel Flower Brooch By Fish And Crown.
Vintage red iris, cloisonne enamel flower brooch by designer fine enamels fish and crown.
Vintage Sea Gems White Cyclamen Flower Cloisonne Enamel  Brooch.
Cloisonne enamel white cyclamen flower design brooch by British designer Sea Gems from Cornwall.
Vintage Style Amber Rhinestone Brooch.
Vintage style brooch, with a large faceted amber coloured rhinestone set in antiqued metal.
Vintage Style Large Green Flower Brooch.
Vintage style, green enamel and rhinestone studded floral brooch.
Vintage Style Rhinestone Studded Abstract Leaf And Flower Design  Brooch.
Vintage style, large, rhinestone studded abstract leaf brooch.
Vintage Vibrant Enamel Butterfly Brooch.
Vintage green enamel, vibrant butterfly brooch.
9ct Gold Garnet Gemstone Set Victorian Revival Style Dainty Star Burst Brooch.
9ct gold, garnet studded, Victorian revival style, star burst, layered look brooch.
Antique 9ct Gold Horseshoe Hair Panel Bar Brooch.
Antique, 9ct gold, ornate horseshoe bar brooch set with green white and reddy purple paste stones.
Antique 9ct Gold Ornate Flower Design Brooch.
Antique 9ct gold and seed pearl floral design brooch.
Antique Art Nouvea Filigree Detailed And Paste Brooch.
Antique arts and crafts style filigree layer and amber paste set 1920s brooch.
Antique Early 20th Century 9ct Gold & Peridot Bar Brooch.
Antique early 20th century peridot gemstone bar brooch.

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