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Jewellery By Exquisite

Vintage Abalone Chip And Faux Pearl Brooch By Exquisite.
Vintage abalone shell, mother of pearl and coral faux pearl detailed brooch by Exquisite
Vintage Abalone Shell Set Abstract Modernist Style Draped Leaf Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage abalone shell set modernist style draped leaf design brooch.
Vintage Amethyst Chip Ring By Exquisite.
Vintage adjustable amethyst chip ring, by vintage British designer Exquisite.
Vintage Blue Glass Swirl Necklace By Exquisite
Vintage lovely blue glass swirl pendant on original chain by vintage designers Exquisite.
Vintage Carnation Flower Birthday Series Floral Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage pink carnation flower design birthday flower brooch by Exquisite.
Vintage Embroidered Blackpool Coat Of Arms Heraldic Style Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage embroidered Blackpool coat of arms heraldic style souvenir brooch by Exquisite
Vintage Exquisite Courting Couple Enamel Brooch.
Vintage enamel detailed and lithographic print to resin of a courtly love scene by French Artist Fragonard by vintage designer Exquisite.
Vintage Large Abalone Shell Pendant And Necklace By Exquisite.
Diamond shaped abalone shell vintage pendant and necklace manufactured by W A P Watson, under the Exquisite brand.
Vintage Large Enamel Vine Leaf Brooch By Exquisite.
Vintage, large, enamel vine leaf brooch by vintage British designer Exquisite.
Vintage Large Faux Pearl Set Floral Design Brooch By Exquisite.
Vintage large faux pearl set floral brooch by English designer Exquisite.
Vintage Large Golden Rose Flower Design Brooch By Exquisite
vintage large gold rose flower design brooch by British designer Exquisite
Vintage Large Ornate Rhinestone Set Bow And Trailing Ribbon Design Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage large ornate rhinestone set trailing bow design brooch by Exquisite
Vintage Large Red Enamel Chinese Love Symbol Necklace By Exquisite.
Vintage large red enamel Chinese love symbol letter pendant and long necklace.
Vintage Marbled Blue Lucite Abstract Design Swirl Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage marbled blue lucite abstractly patterned brooch by Exquisite.
Vintage Modernist Style Abalone Shell Brooch By Exquisite
Vintage modernist style abalone shell set brooch by designer Exquisite.
Vintage Modernist Style Spike Edged Abalone Shell Brooch By Designer Exquisite
Vintage abalone shell detailed spike edged brooch by designer Exquisite.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Flower And Leaf Brooch By Exquisite.
Vintage floral design brooch set with clear rhinestones by vintage British designer Exquisite.