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A  compendium of necklaces, pendants, chains and lockets, from Vintage, vintage style necklaces, antique, Scottish, sterling silver, vintage designer pieces from British designers like Miracle, Jewelcraft, Sphinx, Exquisite and other great designers such as Trifari, Corocraft, Monet and Napier through to modern day designers. As well as fantastic unsigned pieces in retro, gothic, bead, boho, chunky, chic styles designed in pewter, rhinestone, mother of pearl, French jet, shell, natural gemstones and fabulous beads, in choker, short, long and rope lengths.
Vintage Pink Aurora Borealis Rhinestone ' V ' Drop Necklace.
Vintage short length, pink aurora borealis rhinestone set ' V ' drop necklace.
Vintage Pink Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Necklace.
Vintage pink aurora borealis rhinestone necklace.
Vintage Pink faux Pearl Bead Necklace.
Vintage faux pink pearl, shimmer necklace.
Vintage Pink Pearlised And Glass Bead Art Deco Necklace.
Vintage art deco era pink pearlised and translucent bead choker necklace.
Vintage Plaited Blue Seed Bead Multi - Strand Necklace.
A pretty retro vintage, light blue seed bead, plaited multi stranded necklace.
Vintage Plaited Silver And Gold Tone Four Strand Necklace
Vintage plaited silver and gold tone four strand necklace, circa 1980's.
Vintage Puka and Spiral Shell Marine Necklace
Vintage Puka and spiral shell marine themed necklace. Circa 1970's.
Vintage Purple Murano Glass Bead Necklace.
Vintage lilac and white Murano glass bead necklace.
Vintage Quirky Bull Dog Pendant And Necklace.
Vintage unusual, quirky bull dog pendant and necklace.
Vintage Quirky Lucite Toffee And Caramel Bead Necklace.
Vintage, quirky, lucite, long coffee and caramel beaded, mid length, wood look necklace. Circa 60's - 70's, signed Hong Kong.
Vintage Rainbow Iris Glass  Swag Drop Statement Necklace.
Vintage rainbow/iris glass rhinestone set statement swag necklace.
Vintage Rare Boxed Exquisite Gold Rose Pendant And Necklace
Vintage gold rose, black glass pendant and necklace, in original box, manufactured by W A P Watson, by the Exquisite brand.
Vintage Red And Black Disc Necklace.
Vintage 60's, retro, MOD. red and black flattened disc plastic bead necklace.
Vintage Red Rose Pendant And Necklace.
Vintage red rose pendant and necklace.
Vintage Retro, Red And White Bead Long Length Necklace.
Vintage long length, red and white plastic bead necklace, Circa 60's - 70's.
Vintage Reverse Carved Glass Cross Pendant And Necklace.
Vintage reverse carved cross pendant with unusual bar and circle gold ton necklace chain. Circa 1950's.
Vintage Rhinestone Butterfly Swag Drop Necklace.
Vintage statement butterfly design, rhinestone swag necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Floral Drop Adjustable Length Choker Necklace.
Vintage 50s rhinestone set floral dropper adjustable length choker necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Flower Necklace.
Vintage rhinestone flower, statement necklace, on silver tone chain.
Vintage Rhinestone Fringe Necklace
Rhinestones adorn the complete length of this lovely necklace with a graduated fringe to the front.
Vintage Rhinestone Set ' V ' Fronted Collar Choker Necklace.
Vintage ' V ' fronted rhinestone set collar choker necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Art Deco Style Necklace.
Vintage art deco style rhinestone set short length 50s necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Art Deco Style Swag Necklace.
Vintage rhinestone set swag drop necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Collar Choker Necklace.
Vintage rhinestone set collar choker bib necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Heart Drop Wishbone Panel Necklace
Vintage rhinestone set heart drop collar necklace.
Vintage Rhinestone Set Statement Swag Necklace.
Vintage rhinestone set adjustable length statement swag necklace, Circa 1950's.
Vintage Rhinestone Studded 50's Glamour Necklace.
Vintage, clear rhinestone studded, choker length sparkling necklace, circa 1950's.
Vintage Rhinestone Tear Drop Necklace.
Vintage style tear drop, rhinestone dropper necklace. Modern necklace designed in a vintage style.
Vintage Sarah Coventry ' Silvery Cascade ' Necklace And Earring Set.
Vintage ' Silvery Cascade ' demi parure clip on earring and necklace jewellery set by vintage designer Sarah Coventry.
Vintage Scottish Style Faux Agate Bead Necklace.
Vintage Scottish style faux agate bead necklace, formed from mixed marbled beads.
Vintage Scottish Style Murano Glass Bead Necklace.
Vintage Scottish style, Murano glass circular bead necklace.
Vintage Sculptered Peach Lucite Bead Adjustable Length Necklace.
Vintage adjustable length, sculptured peach lucite bead adjustable length necklace. Circa early 1950's.
Vintage Short Choker Length Aurora Borealis Crystal Bead Necklace
Vintage very short adjustable length aurora borealis dog collar/choker 60's necklace.
Vintage Silver Art Deco Blue Drop WBS Ward Brothers Necklace.
Vintage art deco blue glass dropper necklace by WBS Ward Brothers. Circa 1930's.
Vintage Smoky Topaz And Light Lemon Rhinestone Necklace.
Vintage light lemon and smoky topaz rhinestone studded 1950's statement necklace.
Vintage Smoky Topaz Rhinestone Detailed Herringbone Lariat  Style Necklace
Vintage adjustable length smoky topaz rhinestone lariat detailed herringbone necklace.
Vintage Smoky Topaz Rhinestone Drop Necklace.
Vintage faux smoky topaz and clear rhinestone drop, serpentine link necklace.
Vintage Sterling Silver Abstract Double Oval Necklace
Vintage sterling silver modernist style layered double oval pendant and sterling silver snake chain.
Vintage Sterling Silver Port Stanley Souvenir Necklace by BMCo
Vintage sterling silver, Port Stanley Souvenir pendant and silver necklace by Canadian designer BMCo.
Vintage Sterling Silver Souvenir Charm Necklace.
Vintage silver and enamel souvenir, travel charm necklace.
Vintage Style 18K Gold Plated Sapphire Set Panel And Herringbone Chain Necklace By Daxon.
Vintage style 18K gold plated, sapphire and cubic zirconia floral design panel and herringbone necklace.
Vintage Style Black Bead Adjustable Length Bib Necklace.
Vintage style, adjustable length, black beaded bib/collar necklace.
Vintage Style Carnival Glass And Millefiori Beaded Adjustable Length Necklace.
Vintage style carnival glass and millefiori bead, hand knotted necklace by British designer M&S
Vintage Style Chunky Black And Gold Torsade Seed Bead Necklace.
Vintage style, chunky, black and gold seed bead, torsade set and plaited necklace.
Vintage Style Delft Windmill Pendant And Necklace.
Modern necklace, in vintage delft style, featuring a ceramic blue and white toned windmill pendant with necklace.
Vintage Style Floral Rhinestone Drop Necklace
Vintage style rhinestone pink, red and lilac flowers and leaves drop pendant and necklace, by M&S.
Vintage Style Huge Marbled Lucite Abstract Oval Statement Necklace.
Vintage style, large marbled cut away center lucite pendant on long necklace chain.
Vintage Style Leaf Pendant And Necklace
Vintage style, leaf pendant and necklace with faux pearl and rhinestone detailing.
Vintage Style Long  Faux Gemstone Seed Bead Necklace.
Vintage style, long faux gemstone, seed bead necklace.
Vintage Style Multi Stranded Dark Bead And Dusky Pearl Necklace.
Vintage style, multi stranded, dusky faux pink pearl, silver grey and black beaded adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Style Pearl Flower Choker Necklace.
Vintage style, triple row, faux pearl necklace with large white enamel and rhinestone flower set to the front.
Vintage Style Red seed Bead Twisted Torsade Necklace.
A modern, vintage style, twisted torsade, red seed bead necklace.
Vintage Style Rhinestone Dog Collar Choker Necklace And Bracelet Set
Vintage style, lovely dog collar/ adjustable rhinestone choker necklace with matching bracelet.
Vintage Style Triple Stranded Faux Pearl And Bead Necklace.
Vintage style three row, faux baroque pearl and abstract shaped bead, adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Style Wedding Cake Bead Necklace.
Vintage style, clear glass wedding cake bead, adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Style Wooden Flower Bead And Stone Chip Necklace
Vintage style amber seed bead, painted wooden bead and stone chip necklace.
Vintage Translucent Glass And Red Bead Necklace.
Vintage translucent and red glass bead necklace.
Vintage Translucent Ice Blue Bead Necklace.
Vintage short choker length, icy blue, plastic bead necklace.
Vintage Translucent Peach Champagne Lucite Barrel Bead Necklace.
Vintage translucent peach champagne lucite barrel bead short necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Adjustable Length Blue Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded blue glass bead adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Austrian Carnival Glass Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded adjustable length Austrian made carnival glass bead necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Aventurine Necklace With Ornate Clasp.
Vintage triple stranded green aventurine gemstone necklace with small ornate floral clasp.
Vintage Triple Stranded Black And Pearl Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded black and pearl bead adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Faux Pearl And Faceted Crystal Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded faux pearl and faceted crystal glass bead adjustable length choker necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Faux Pink Pearl And Amber Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded faux pink pearl, toffee glass and faux amber bead adjustable length necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Iridescent Rainbow Seed Bead Plaited  Necklace.
Vintage iridescent seed bead loosely plaited necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Marbled Pink Bead Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded graduated in size, marbled pink bead necklace.
Vintage Triple Stranded Smoky Rhinestone Drop Statement Necklace.
Vintage triple stranded, large, swag smoky and amber rhinestone drop statement necklace.
Vintage Triple Twisted Bead Necklace
Vintage, triple stranded bead necklace in shades of pearl, coral and turquoise.
Vintage Twisted Triple stranded Rose Quartz Italian Necklace
Vintage Italian rose quartz triple stranded, twisted rose quartz chip, stunning necklace.
Vintage Two Row Amber Rhinestone Collar Necklace
Vintage two row amber coloured rhinestone choker collar necklace.
Vintage Unsusual Clear Glass Bead Necklace.
Vintage unusual clear glass bead necklace.
Vintage Unusual Large Eloxal Cameo Style Pendant And Necklace.
Vintage, large, unusual eloxal metal cameo pendant and necklace. Stamped Germany to the back.
Vintage Vibrant Chunky Shell Bead Necklace.
Vintage vibrant chunky shell slice necklace.
Vintage Vibrant Long Seed Bead Necklace.
Vintage, vibrantly coloured, long seed bead necklace.
Vintage Vibrant Marbled Orange Bead Adjustable Length Choker Necklace.
Vintage vibrant marbled orange bead adjustable length short Hong Kong necklace.
Vintage Vibrant Red And White Striped Bead Necklace.
Vintage vibrant red and white striped, plastic bead, 1980's necklace.
Vintage Water Lily Flower Rhinestone Set Pendent And Necklace.
Vintage silver plated water lily pad and rhinestone flower necklace.
Vintage White And Grey Faux Pearl Necklace With Large Pearl Center.
Vintage, pretty, single stranded, faux white and grey pearl necklace with large removable grey pearl in ornate frame center piece.
Vintage White And Grey Faux Pearl Necklace.
Vintage creamy white and grey faux pearl necklace, with ornate heart clasp.
Vintage White And Red Bead 60's Necklace.
Vintage 60's red and white bead MOD necklace.
Vintage White Milk Glass Necklace
Vintage milk glass bead necklace, with discs, oval and heart shaped beads.
Vintage White Seed Bead Woven Collar Necklace.
Vintage white seed bead woven collar bib necklace.
Wire Caged Amethyst And Agate Mixed Gemstone Necklace..
Lovely wire caged mixed gem stone, tumble stone bead necklace.

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